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Limited time savings on training
end midday Wednesday 1st October,
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When are YOU going to start living your dream?

Today? Tomorrow? In all my courses, I don't just blether on about eye colours, skin tones, and body shapes! My training options are designed to get you out there, working with clients, earning a part-time or full-time income (and that's entirely your choice), changing people's lives forever, and putting a lot more than just bread on your table.


Useful Training Course Links

  • Ultimate Training Program
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    From Beginner to Confident Image Consultant and Profitable Personal Image Business Owner with my 3-Step Training & 1-to-1 Coaching Program.
  • ultimate training program for image consultants
  • Colour Analysis Complete Training Kit
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    Everything you need to learn colour analysis from scratch or to add colour to your existing personal image business with my proven step-by-step system and support.

  • Advanced colour analysis training
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    If you have already trainined in the fundamentals of colour analysis and are looking to learn advanced colour analysis skills, improve your communication skills, and learn the tried-and-tested marketing methods that I use in my image business, then the Advanced Colour Analysis training course is for you.
  • Ladies style training
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    If you're looking for a franchise-free up-to-date personal style training course that caters for the savvy 21st century client this is the personal style course you have been looking for.

  • Wardrone Planning & Personal Shopping training
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    I show you how to take the stress out of wardrobe planning & personal shopping by putting together a step-by-step plan. I help you build your confidence, showing you how to incorporate fun and useful Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping into your personal image services.
  • wardrobe planning and personal shopping training
  • 3 Steps to Success training
    News update: Limited time savings end midday Wednesday 1st October
    Are you an image consultant or personal stylist who doesn't have enough regular paying clients? Too many image consultants are trained in colour analysis and personal style but still don't know how to get paying clients and grow their business. This course shows you how.
  • the 3 steps to success
  • Colour Analysis Explained
    For both beginners and experienced image consultants, I'm going to share with you my step-by-step method of colour analysis for each of the tonal and seasonal directions, and how to apply it to real-life clients.

  • Hair Colour Analysis Explained
    Take the stress out of those awkward client hair colour questions and learn how to diagnose your client’s hair colour direction to complement her colour analysis for clothes and make-up.

  • Colour Psychology Explained
    A unique opportunity to spend an entire day on colour psychology, the history and story of colour personality profiling, and in detail at my own approach to colour psychology. Use my tools and methods to profile your clients.
  • colour psychology explained
  • Image Consultant Online Courses
    Online courses ready for instant download so you can enjoy unlimited plays of our most popular colour analysis & personal style courses today. Watch on your PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and more. Download or stream instantly, anywhere with no commitments and no monthly fees.
image consultant training online


If you're fed up with your J.O.B.* or (God forbid) you're about to lose your regular income, then you need Plan B. And if you love colour, style and, most importantly, people, then starting your own image, colour and style business could be your Plan B - the answer you've been looking for.

Thank God for Plan B

My Plan B - my image, colour and style business - was always there in the background, ready to pick up and put down through 17 years of faffing around while I attempted to carve out a career in two professions that I absolutely hated - banking and computing. Eventually, Plan B became my Plan A and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity all those years ago.

If you choose, you too can change your future, your life, and the lives of your family and loads of potential clients who are just waiting for you to get on with it!


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  • Live Events & Training Home Page
    The Complete Colour Analysis & Personal Style Training, Coaching, and Personal Development Program for Image Consultants

  • Contact Us
    Ask for me, Kim Bolsover, for impartial, no obligation, training advice

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  • Audiobooks
    Bite-Size 40 to 60 minute mp3 audiobooks designed for the busy lifestyles we lead - Authored and narrated by Kim Bolsover - Listen on your smartphone or tablet, on your iPod or on your computer!
    new audiobooks

  • Colour & Style Toolkit
    Colour Analysis & Personal Style Tools for Image Consultants A fabulous collection of online tools for image consultants to help you start, promote and build your image consultancy business
    the complete digital toolkit for image consultants

  • Colour & Style Help & Support
    Colour Analysis & Personal Style Professional Support for Image Consultants. Are you a professional image consultant who feels isolated with no-one to ask for help & advice?
    help and support for image consultants

  • Colour Supplies
    Image Consultant Colour Supplies at Trade Prices with Volume Discounts. The A-to-Z of professional image consultant colour analysis supplies delivered to you wherever you are in the world.
  • the complete digital toolkit for image consultants


If you've been thinking of introducing your existing clients to the magical world of style, shape and personality... Then you need my self-study Ladies' Style Training kit.

Wanting to start with Colour Analysis, or add it to your existing business? Don't worry! I haven't forgotten you either, you need my self-study Colour Analysis Training kit.

So what are you waiting for?

  • Life is FAR too short to faff about
  • Don't take 17 years to decide like I did
  • Go for it, right now!
  • You will love it!
  • Get your very own Plan B in place right now


Kim Bolsover
Kim Bolsover

Kim Bolsover


* J.O.B. stands for 'Just Over Broke'!
Don't you dare settle for this. Go for what you want. Fight back, and get your own image and colour business up and running right now.


Winner: 'Most Inspirational Consultant Running An Image-Related Business'

International Federation of Image Consultants (IFIC)
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